Lee, presenting his paper, at the IATC Convention in Raleigh, NC,

in July 2019



Meetings are held in the main ballroom of the Ceresville Mansion located on North Frederick at the intersection of Route 26 and Route 194. 

​​​​ Meeting Location

  ​​8529 Liberty Rd, Frederick MD, 21701


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​​​​​​​ Torch Club of Frederick, MD

A Friendly Forum for All People Interested in Life-Long Learning

If you are intellectually curious, and like interacting with

like-minded people, please join the Torch Club. 

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​​​​The heart and soul of the Torch dinner meeting is the presentation of a paper by a member or distinguished guest on a topic of his/her choice. 

Lee, and Wife, Artist Linda Constant Robinson,

 at the Convention

Sylvester J Schieber, PhD

Improvements in standards of living have stalled for many Americans.

Healthcare costs are a prominent reason and are on a trajectory to become more so.

September Speaker


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To Our Own

Leland (Lee) W. Robinson​, PhD

Amazing Second-Time Winner of 

The Paxton Award 

For His Paper "Right Speech"